Walking Tours

Old Port Historic Walking Tour

Take a walk back through the past in Portland's historic Old Port neighborhood.  Visit the opulent homes of 19th Century merchants and enjoy Portland's rich architectural heritage.  Walk the wharves as your guide explains the sometimes harrowing history of the Northern New England fishery and lobster grounds.  Hear the gripping tales of Portland's Great Fire, the Portland Rum Riot, and the near destruction of the city during the American Revolution.  

Portland Architecure Tour

Portland has several historic preservation districts where the buildings of the past have been preserved for our appreciation. Portland's building have where built in a variety of architectural styles from Greek Revival to Federal.  Walk along Congress Street and witness how downtown Portland was transformed from the residential neighborhood of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's youth to the bustling commercial hub it is today.  Enjoy the palatial mansion's that belonged to well to do merchants on the Western Promenade.  Walk past the former banks and shipping offices of Exchange Street, the  former financial hub of the city.     

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A People's Walking Tour of Portland

Join Historian Seth Goldstein on a guided tour of Portland that details some of the cities and regions little known history.  Learn about the Wabanaki, the indigenous people of the region.  Through this tour you will come to understand the connection between the enslavement of indigenous Americans and the beginning of African Slavery in New England.  Discover how Portland was integrated into the Atlantic World Slave Economy and how the city benefited from the Labor of enslaved Africans.  Meet the Black heroes of Portland who were the driving force in the Underground Railroad and the Abolition movement. The tour includes stops on The Portland Freedom Trail that incorporates homes of Abolitionists, businesses that were involved in the Underground Railroad and the Abyssinian Meeting House, America's third oldest Black Meeting House.