Dalai Lama

History of Maine

Maine has a long and rich history that many people are unaware of.  This lecture begins with a look at the lives of the Native Peoples of the region pre-contact. This is followed by European exploration and the many violent wars that took place between the indigenous people and the English settlers.  The various industries of Maine during the 18th and 19th centuries are discussed including the lumber, fishing, granite, and ice industries. The lecture ends with a examination of how Maine's economy evolved from one based on industry to tourism.

The History of the North Atlantic Fishery

When European explorers first arrived on the coast of Maine they were flabbergasted by the natural resources they confronted, particularly the sea life. Unfortunately the 500 year history the Northern New England fishery is one of repeated over-fishing as species after species is fished to near extinction.  Hear tales of the incredibly brave men who went down to the sea to make there livelihoods. Learn about the various fishing gear and techniques that evolved over the centuries.  See why the Cod fish is known as the, "fish that changed the world."  

History of the Port of Portland

Come see why the motto of the City of Portland is "Resurgem."  From devastating attacks by the colonial French and their Native American allies to catastrophic fires; the people of Portland have proven to be incredibly resilient over the centuries. This lecture covers the importance of colonial Portland (known as Falmouth at the time) as a mast port in the British Empire as well as the important part that Portland played during the revolution itself. Portland's significance as a post-Revolutionary international port is discussed in depth. Other topics that are discussed include Portland's historic immigrant and African American communities and the many varied industries that once dotted the Portland water-front. The lecture concludes with an examination of Portland's current revitalization.

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New England Shipwrecks and the Life Saving Service

Since the Colonial period thousands of ships have wrecked in New England waters.  Hear captivating tales of raging storms, ice encrusted ships, and the incredible resilience of some of the mariners who survived. From the pirate ship Whydah, which sank off of Cape Cod in 1717, to the SS Portland, which sank with in 1898 with all her passengers and crew, the history of New England ship wrecks is gruesome and fascinating.  This lecture also discusses the evolution of the Life Saving Service which would later become the modern Coast Guard.

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